P&F – San Galgano Wedding,Tuscany

P&F – San Galgano Wedding,Tuscany.

A fabulous location in the heart of Tuscany is the romantic backdrop for Patrizia and Filippo’s wedding. This young and brilliant couple who lives in Belgium has chosen a rustic setting in the countryside for their big day. Each detail is curated, creating many of the preparations by themself for an event that tell of them, their passions and their personality.

Starting from the stationery, made right by Patrizia in the printing press where she works, is breathed the medieval and chivalric atmosphere of a promise that takes place right where the famous Sword in the Rock of San Galgano, the Hermitage of Montesiepi, where is said the Holy Grail is buried.

But among the rustic decorated cards let travel into the future with curate recalls to Star Wars and then return with details of their look to the epic narratives of the Ring Company… A handmade event that fully represents them.

Patrizia and Filippo have chosen to prepare themselves in the reception location, Agriturismo Terre di San Galgano, a splendid context overlooking the famous Abazia from which it takes its name.

The road leading to the Hermitage is short and with a suggestive walk they reach the place of their eternal promise of love. The Abbey of San Galgano will then be the perfect setting for memorable and romantic shots.

The table setting reflects the theme of the entire event … aromatic herbs and skulls decorate the table thematically arranged in a horseshoe . Before reaching the diners, Filippo is invested with the charge of knight and they are now ready to open the banquet.

The entertainment of the court jester precedes the tasty chocolates and the cake cutting. The fireworks are the spectacular closure of a true, fresh and heartfelt marriage.

Photo & Make-up   Loryle Photography

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