Wedding Graphic Design

Complete Graphic Packaging

Loryle Photography could take care of the entire Graphic Design of the Marriage, starting from the creation of the Logo to the realization of the Complete Graphic Packaging. The Style that distinguishes the Team of Loryle Photography creates a particular harmony with ethereal and timeless taste, without losing the fresh and modern spirit.



Creation of the Logo



Care of entire Graphics Designe



Fresh and Timeless Taste

graphic design

The Search for a Graphic Harmony that can tell about you, making your Wedding Day truly Unique and where the word ‘Beauty’ is truly an absolute value of Grace and Elegance. The creation of the custom logo give the beginning to the the realization of the entire Graphic Design of the Marriage, followed by the Invitations, the Ceremony Kit until¬† the Wedding Party; there are various creative ideas for your guests: Tableau de Marriage, Menu, Guest Book, completely customized.