Wedding Collections

Exclusive Handmade Wedding Packaging

Elegant and Evocative Pictures to tell about moments and emotions could be collected in precious Fine-Art Albums completely Handmade.


Tailor Made

Handmade Album



Fine-Art Photography



Fresh & Modern Taste

Craftsmanship, customize and elegance for exclusive and unique Wedding Albums, characterized by a fresh and modern taste. The continuous research and the desire to renew us has allowed us to design and create our own line of Handmade Albums in natural fabrics by Loryle. The complete customization of the interiors and external finishes is then enhanced by the care and elegance of the entire packaging.

collectionThe ability to print our Wedding Albums homemade allows us to achieve high quality results and to maximize the image with the goal of returning Truth to the Photo, reliving Emotions. Our proposals range from the traditional album with tissue to the more modern version of the Photo Book, both conceived with a fresh, modern and elegant taste.

Over the proposed collections, Loryle Photography offers the Wedding Digital Collection delivered in an exclusive custom Wedding Box with into prestigious Fine-Art prints of your wedding.